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Welcome to the Diplomacy Nexus. Here, you will find links to other online Diplomacy communities and platforms. We serve a host of players here, and exist to bring the fractured communities of online Diplomacy closer together.

Tournament Info


Official Tournament Game Specs:

  • Classic Europe
  • Game playable until 1910
  • 24hr move, 24hr build/retreat
  • Random country selection
  • Private game


  • Games will end when one player has collected 18 SCs or winter 1910 arrives, whichever comes first
  • Games will be scored using Sum-of-Squares scoring (pool 100 points)
  • Players may play a maximum of 6 games to qualify for the final round
  • Qualifying score will be the result of a player's best 3 games throughout the course of their 3-6 game season
  • The top 7 players in the standings by the end of Season II will advance to the finals game on May 8
  • The winner from the final game will receive the grand prize of $50


Season II: February 1 - May 1

Season II Finals: May 8

All Star Season: TBD

Season III Sign-ups: Open August 21

Season III: Begins September 1