The Trentino Attack

Black Coffee, 08 April 2019

The Trentino Attack, otherwise called as the Tyrollean attack or Obraini Opening, is said to be the most popular opening for this country. It features an aggressive assault against their neighbor, Austria-Hungary. It is nowhere near subtle, and everyone will soon realize its intentions.

This opening is effective at taking down Austria when it is executed with minimal difficulty, but what if Austria bounced at least one unit? It may mean trouble. The neighbor may start doubting your every word, and your formation is now ruined. What comes next will be defeat.

However, this game of chance can be calculated, and the window of failure may be reduced with the help of early game diplomatic relations and negotiations. This would mean that an early game betrayal is required, which in itself, is still quite risky, but more possible than blindly attacking. Telling Austria that you mean no harm would suffice on its own, but offering her centers like Turkish spoils in a Lepanto (another Italian opening) may improve chances When to use this opening: Austria would mean your main target, but who would be the ally backing you up? In this case, you would want Turkey. The Ottomans have the ideal position to lock Austria in a pincer, both Western and Eastern fronts being pressured.

Without Turkey to back you up, you may find your armies being kicked out from Trieste and back to Venice within the next year.