The Slovenian Gambit

Black Coffee, 02 May 2019

Budapest - Serbia
Vienna - Trieste
Trieste - Albania

The Slovenian gambit is Austria-Hungary’s most popular opening. It aims to conquer half of the Balkan territories (Greece and Serbia) while opting to defend against Italy with its lone army in Trieste. It is a terribly risky opening in both early and mid games for it shows your vulnerability to your own home centers while turning you into a possible target for both sides to gang up on. This opening’s popularity is caused by the fact that it claims potentially the most amount of supply centers this nation can get at the first year while defending against a possible adversary from the west. Performing this opening will leave Russia as a possible threat and will prove to be quite challenging to defend yourself once they claim Galicia. Successfully executing this will guarantee you two builds and put yourself in a position to strike against Turkey, so I would recommend this opening if you formed an alliance with Russia and a non-agression pact with Italy.

This opening is not recommended when facing a Juggernaut (alliance of Turkey and Russia) or if you’re wary of an Italian assault. In fact, the army in Trieste barely defends itself against an assault from both Venice and Tyrol. The question of whether to use this opening lies within the name itself: Are you willing to gamble? After all, high-risk, high-reward.