The Galician Gambit

Black Coffee, 28 May 2019

Budapest - Serbia
Vienna - Galicia
Trieste - Albania

The Galician gambit is another risky opening which involves threat from a different direction. Like the Slovenian gambit, it aims to immediately attain half of the supply centers in the Balkans, with a slight probability of also taking Romania. This opening is relatively more logical than the Slovenian gambit, maximizing the trust put into the Italians while effectively defending Budapest and Vienna from a possible Russian assault.

Gambits and openings are typically options for a player to choose from. In order to decide, one must perform excellent networking of the board by knowing the mindset of each player. Choosing this opening would mean that you would have either the trust or fear of Italy and that you’re most likely planning to go against either Russia or Turkey. Galicia should not be penetrated, as it endangers two home centers. The movement from Vienna secures just that. By negotiating properly with Italy, you can avoid the risk even more of a possible Italian assault by convincing them that you won’t turn your back on them. This will prevent them from risking a possibly failed attempt at Trieste, even though this opening does exactly that. Even better is to tell them that you’re doing the defensive move of moving Trieste to Venice. This will discourage them much more and would stop them from using the Obraini opening, which is this opening’s weakness.

Performing this opening is effective against a Juggernaut (alliance between Russia and Turkey) as it forms a formidable barrier while settling your units in important positions. This opening, accompanied by a Lepanto from the Italian side, may prove to effectively counter the Juggernaut and be a major nuisance to the powerhouse alliance. I will ask you once again: Are you willing to gamble?