The Galician Gambit

Black Coffee | 28 May 2019

Budapest - Serbia Vienna - Galicia Trieste - Albania

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The Slovenian Gambit

Black Coffee | 02 May 2019

Budapest - Serbia Vienna - Trieste Trieste - Albania

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The Alpine Chicken

Black Coffee | 25 April 2019

Venice - Piedmont Rome - Venice Naples - Ionian Sea

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The Classic Lepanto

Black Coffee | 18 April 2019

Venice - Tyrolia Rome - Venice Naples - Ionian Sea

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The Trentino Attack

Black Coffee | 08 April 2019

The Trentino Attack, otherwise called as the Tyrollean attack or Obraini Opening, is said to be the most popular opening for this country. It features an aggressive assault against their neighbor, Austria-Hungary. It is nowhere near subtle, and everyone will soon realize its intentions.

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Is Greece Worth It?

umbletheheep | 03 March 2019

Greece’s importance upon western civilization cannot be disputed. Philosophy, literature, mathematics, politics, and the arts have all been enriched by Greek culture. Greece was also a player on the world stage. During the 4th century BC, Philip II was able to unite the Grecian city-states through military conquest and yes,...

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The Mountain Opening

Enriador | 03 March 2019

When Italy declared war on the Central Powers in 1915, the “Italian Front” of the Great War began. To the German-speaking empires of Germany and Austria-Hungary, this front became known as Gebirgskrieg - “the Mountain War”, fought in the high reaches of the Alps. Italy’s war was seen by the...

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